Donate Your Old Cellphones or Host a Phone Drive

Your wireless phone can be a lifeline for a survivor of domestic violence.

Our partner Verizon collects no-longer used wireless phones, batteries, chargers and accessories in any condition from any service provider to benefit victims and survivors of domestic violence, through their HopeLine program. Since its launch in 2001, HopeLine has collected 12M mobile phones.


Donate your phone.

Survivors of domestic violence typically can’t use their old mobile devices once they’ve left their abusers.  When you donate your phone to HopeLine, it’s turned into valuable financial support for domestic violence awareness and prevention initiatives. Here are four simple steps to make a donation:


  1. Erase any data from the phone and disconnect the phone’s service with your wireless provider.
  2. Remove any storage cards and SIM cards from the phone. Verizon thoroughly refurbishes donated phones.
  3. Request your prepaid mailing label.
  4. Drop it in the mail and pat yourself on the back!


Want to go the extra mile? Host a phone drive.

With a little bit of planning and utilizing free HopeLine materials, you can host a phone drive that will benefit victims of domestic violence. Here are four simple steps to host a phone drive:


  1. Select the dates and location for your drive. Be sure to plan for the length of your collection when you do so.
  2. Get free HopeLine materials to promote and host your drive. Mail your request with the dates you’ve planned and Verizon will send you free marketing materials to promote your phone drive and set up a collection box.
  3. Place the collection boxes in visible but secure locations. Move collections to a storage area as needed.
  4. Pack your collected phones, batteries and accessories securely for shipment. Request prepaid mailing labels for special collections and ship your phones using the label provided.

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