Host a NO MORE Event


All of us can play a role in ending domestic and sexual violence. At NO MORE, we believe in the power of collectiveness to spread awareness, end the stigma, and dismantle the culture that allows violence to persist. 

Every action can make a huge difference for NO MORE, no matter how big or small. Rally your friends, family, workplace, school, college, or gym to take action!

The goals of a NO MORE  event or activities remain the same, but the scale and content depend on your time and resources. The following are some ideas we’ve come up with and examples of other people’s actions. Whatever you choose to do, be sure to add your event here and tag us in photos on social media so that we can promote your efforts and inspire others to get involved! 



Create a NO MORE Photo Campaign


Set up a table with printed materials to hand out and invite people to customize a NO MORE sign and take a photo.

  1. Download the co-brandable NO MORE Week “NO MORE ____” Sign
  2. Write what you say #NOMORE to.
  3. Take a photo of yourself with the sign.
  4. Post what you say #NOMORE with your photo on social media. 

Here are some sample posts:

It’s #NOMOREWeek! #NOMORESilence we’re louder together

#NOMORE [insert excuse] #NOMOREexcuses for domestic & sexual violence. 

It’s #NOMOREweek, will you join me in sharing your #NOMORE?



Raise Awareness 


Raising awareness about domestic and/or sexual violence is a great way to educate your community during NO MORE Week– and the more people who are informed about these abuses, the better chance we have of ending them.

Sharing information about domestic and sexual violence and where to get help is vital. Use NO MORE resources, toolkits, posters or create your own.

    • The NO MORE Global Directory Posters
    • The Warning Signs of Physical, Emotional &  Economic Abuse Posters
    • NO MORE Financial Abuse posters by NNEDV and the Allstate Foundation
  • Talking Healthy Relationships Conversation Guides for parents/caregivers to speak to their children by NO MORE and Esperanza United.


Host a fundraising event


Here are some ideas to host engaging fundraising events that not only generate donations but also encourage collective action to address domestic and sexual violence:

Host a bake sale: Sell donuts, cookies or other items and donate the proceeds to NO MORE or a local program near you*. If you’re stuck for baking ideas, why not start with piping teal icing onto pre-bought ring donuts or baking NO MORE cut-out cookies with teal frosting. 

Host a movie screening: Screen a documentary or film that highlights the realities of domestic and sexual violence, followed by a guided discussion to encourage empathy and understanding. You could charge admission and donate the proceeds to NO MORE or a local domestic and/or sexual violence nonprofit*. 

Get moving: Organize a sporting event, invite spectators, and charge admission; ask your friends and family to sponsor you in an exercise challenge; or sign up to the NO MORE Week 5k Race.

For more fundraising information and inspiration, download NO MORE’s “Event-in-a-Box” Fundraising Toolkit to find out how to plan and host a fundraising event in your home, school, or community.

If you’re looking to host a NO MORE event in your workplace, you can find tips, resources, and inspiration in the Creating Change Together Corporate Toolkit.

*To find a shelter near you, visit To find a local rape crisis and counseling center, visit

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