An overwhelming majority of Americans have never discussed these hidden issues with children or friends and 65% of victims who come forward say no one helped

According to The NO MORE Study on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault: Experiences and Attitudes Among Teens and Adults*, conversations about these important issues are simply not happening.

This silence is a huge barrier to victims getting help and to ending this violence. If we can encourage more people to start talking, we can end the cycle of violence and bring these issues to light in a new way.

The Urgent Need for Bystander Training
To address the silence and inaction on these critical issues, NO MORE partnered with the Avon Foundation for Women to launch “Breakthrough Bystander Behavior Training Programs,” to provide tools to help employers educate their employees about recognizing the signs of abuse and better supporting victims.

Our goal is to help others recognize the signs of abuse and start conversations to end the silence around domestic violence and sexual assault in their workplaces, schools, homes, and communities; respond to help someone who may be experiencing domestic violence, dating abuse or sexual assault; and take actions to help end the violence.

Use the free online bystander training programs to educate your workplace or community setting about how to have conversations about domestic violence, dating abuse, and sexual assault and make a difference in the workplace, in their homes, and in their communities.

These trainings can be taken individually online during a break or lunch or at a staff meeting. Training can also be facilitated by human resources professionals by downloading free training materials and hosting a course or reach out to their state coalition to secure a content expert from a local domestic violence program or rape crisis center to be on site to assist with the training and provide local resources.


The NO MORE Study, commissioned and funded by the Avon Foundation for Women for NO MORE, and conducted by GfK Public Affairs and Corporate Communications, researched domestic violence and sexual abuse experience and attitudes among teens, ages 15-17, and adults 18 and older. GfK Public Affairs and Corporate Communications Group conducted interviews with a total of 1,307 respondents, 15 years of age and older. The study was conducted using the KnowledgePanel. The data was weighted to the population it represents. The margin of error for this study was +/-3.2 percentage points.

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