Send a powerful message that you stand with survivors.

“We have made strides in how we think about sexual violence but we’re nowhere close to done.” – Anita Hill

Openly bragging about sexually assaulting women and trying to excuse this behavior as ‘locker room talk’ is another horrifying example of rape culture at work.

The “Trump Tapes” are making headlines across the world but if we all speak out, we can send a powerful message that we stand with survivors and that misogyny, sexual harassment and sexual assault are unacceptable. Will you add your voice?

Take the Pledge to:

  1. Learn about these issues and talk openly about them

    Silence and lack of knowledge about sexual and domestic violence play a large part in why they persist. Educate yourself about these issues and start informed, compassionate conversation with your friends, family and communities. Talking about these issues openly will help end the shame and stigma that survivors are burdened with, and help create a culture where survivors are supported and believed rather than blamed for the crimes committed against them.

  2. Support Survivors

    The pain of being disbelieved or blamed for the crime committed against them can stop victims from reporting as well as seeking and receiving the help they need and deserve. If someone discloses that they have been assaulted or are being abused let them know that you believe them and that it is not their fault. Reassure them that they are not alone and that there is help available. Help them find local resources to support their needs and safety, and provide them with the appropriate hotline info.  Want to show your support for survivors year-round? Wearing the NO MORE symbol is a great way to show solidarity.

  3. Speak up

    Speak out against comments that blame the victim and let your friends know that blaming the victim is inappropriate and offensive to victims of a crime. Encourage them to consider why our society questions the victim’s behavior instead of the perpetrator’s crimes. Challenge yourself and others not to use language or expressions that denigrate women and girls and/or tease or harass men and boys for not being “manly” enough. Let your friends know that their comments are limiting and offensive and that they have no place on the playing field, in the classroom, at work or in our homes. Learn how your everyday actions can make a huge difference in establishing an environment where domestic violence and sexual assault are not tolerated and help prevent violence before it occurs.

  4. Share your commitment with the world

    Your voice is powerful! Invite your friends and family by inviting them to take a couple minutes to pledge their support – a positive first step towards building the critical mass that can move these issues higher on the public agenda and transform the social and institutional practices that enable sexual and domestic violence in the first place.

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